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dj Mick Clark

Steven Garling

dj Elbee
Bad with electronic
drum pads
progressive deep house / tech house / drumming

„Die schamanischen Trance-Rhythmen auf den Keomadrums von Steven Garling bilden die Basis, auf die Mick Clark melodisch-bassige progressive Sounds projiziert. Die einzige Band, die aus zwei DJs und einem Schlagwerk besteht, wird erst einzigartig, wenn Elbee Bad ihr den richtigen Biss verleiht: Break-Beats auf elektronischen Drumpads und perkussives Scratchen geben dem Soundkosmos den echten Kick.“

An exciting current project is working with an experienced English DJ named Mick Clark from London. Previously Mick has worked the usual Club Curcuit around the UK and Europe but has in the last two years streatched his DJ skills into the realm of Performance Art. From this direction we both met up at the Performance Art Festival of Exit in 2001 and since then have been working in a crossover project where my percussion and his skills at mixing and manipulations with recordings are presented on stage (sometimes with silent film) with exciting outcome and good reports. Between us we are taking the audience on a journey both different to straight Percussion or DJ performance, but with a new direction creating something quite unique.

Die Besonderheit besteht in der Instrumentierung, Percussion-Instrumente in sehr ungewöhnlicher weise: Koto drum, Slit drum, Darabucca, Kalimba, Wassergong, Polyphone und Keomadrums. Die Band „The Flying Seals“ ist in der Schweiz, Italien und Finnland bekannter als in Deutschland, das soll sich ändern.

Mick Clark is currently mixing 'Deep Haunting House' with sometimes a 'percussive' and 'tribal' flavour or verging on 'Tech House'.

Mick's been around through the early 'Rave' days in the UK and made his mark as resident at the 'Original Warehouse Club' in Maidstone. He then created / built / and established the 'Atomics Dance Club' also in Maidstone, with a capacity of 1500+, which has boasted successful Nights as Southern Exposure; Tasmania; Spellbound; People on the Move; Pure Science; Club Class, and many more. During his time with Atomics he played alongside UK name's such as Boy George, Jon the Dentist, Carl Cox, and numerous others. Three years ago he sold Atomics to enable him to concentrate on his DJ career which was beginning to take him into Europe.

Just lately Mick has played a variety of gigs ranging from Clubs / one off's / open air parties / Art Performance Events / and even a few 'unnamable' 'illegal' Parties. He went down a storm at the Berlin Love Parade & last year once again played at the Cunst6 Event in Cologne, Germany, during Pop-Com, where he has performed each year since the very first 6 years ago. He has gained residencies for the TapetenClub and Upart-Plassma in Berlin and has recently also played to excited receptions in Munich and Rostock (on board the Stubnitz!) and in Dresden. Also gigs in Helsinki and Turku in Finland have opened up good prospects from Scandinavia, and following a successful 'tour' of Southern Italy earlier this year he looks forward to revisiting Campobasso, Isernia and Ferrazzano this summer.

A major new development is Mick's involvement in performances with 'Berliner Master of Percussion' Steven Garling. Mick & Steven are collaborating in 'performances' of a most adventurous nature where they enhance each others performances. Sometimes involving other 'musicians', they will mix in and out of each others musical journeys in a collage of sounds, sometimes strict and other times in a 'free fall' mode.

Mick hopes to soon feature some of his own "tracks" which he is working on at his "Rainbow Studios" in SE England. Mixing a sound 'flavour' of his very own, you will find Mick a most amicable addition to any 'lineup', where his mixes of 'deep' and 'progressive' tracks from past and present compliment most of the more interesting Parties and Venues. Using his extensive experience in the business he is establishing his name throughout Europe the way he has done in the UK. With the future release of his own 'music' on vinyl he is hoping to continue to reach further afield.
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